The Organizational Clinic Support


Who are Distributors?

A distributor is an individual, company or institution that is authorized to sell our applications. Our distributors are independent contractors. They are not required to report to us. Instead, they work for themselves. They plan their own schedules and usually work only when convenient.

Perhaps all our distributors are engaged in other professional activities. The following are the typical groups that define our population of distributors:
(1) Faculty Members
(2) Business Consultants
(3) Students
(4) Faculty Departments
(5) Schools
(6) Accountants
(7) Sales Agents.


The Convenience of our Model

Our model is designed to be simple, fast and user-friendly. The following describes the average encounter between a customer and a distributor:
(1) customer expresses intention to purchase an application
(2) customer pays distributor with cash, check, debit or credit card
(3) distributor purchases the application from our website with a debit or credit card, and
(4) distributor provides customer with a receipt of the purchase.
The receipt contains a product key, as well as instructions on how to gain access to the purchased application.


Compensation Options

Our model is designed to compensate our distributors instantly. Essentially, when a distributor makes a purchase on behalf of a customer, the distributor is given a 15% discount. But when the customer pays the distributor, the customer pays 100%. As such, the distributor instantly earns a 15% commission on the transaction.

Alternatively, distributors may contact us to make purchases at a 15% discount. In such cases, we would simply mail the distributor a package with the product keys for the applications that were purchased. Each product key is displayed on a separate receipt-document. So, when a customer purchases an application, the distributor simply hands the customer a receipt-document that contains the product key for the purchased application.


How to become a distributor?

In order to become a distributor, simply download and complete the Distributor Application, and; return it to our office.

Once an application has been processed, the distributor will receive a letter with a distributor code from the Organizational Clinic. If a distributor code is used during a purchase, it enables the distributor to get a 15% discount on the transaction.