The Organizational Clinic Support


Organizational Background

The Organizational Clinic was formed in May 2013 to manage the affairs of The Organizational Diagnostic Scale. The Organizational Diagnostic Scale is a series of software applications, or tools, that are used to conduct organizational consultations. Dr. Benton A. St Cyr began developing the series in March 2010, and completed the first 6 tools in a paper and pencil format in December 2013.

Initially, the tools were not available to practitioners in the industry. Instead, they were used exclusively by Dr. St Cyr in his work as an organizational diagnostician. However, due to a plethora of requests, an electronic version was developed and introduced in March 2015.

The Organizational Clinic uses a cadre of highly trained professionals to deliver its services, and its vision is to be the leading provider of organizational diagnostic services in the world.


Product Summary

The Organizational Diagnostic Scale is a series of software applications that are designed to assess critical functions in an organization. The series contains applications to assess the following functions: (1) Financial Management, (2) Operations Management, (3) Sales Management, (4) Marketing Management, (5) Human Resource Management, and (6) Strategic Management. The content of the applications reflect a combination of the most acclaimed academic theories and the best practices in the industry.


The applications were built to be user friendly. One of the user-friendly features of the applications is the step-by-step guide. The step-by-step guide reduces the potential for errors during administration, and it allows users to engage in data-collection with a high level of confidence.


Each application in the series was tested for reliability and validity. Independent statisticians were used to conduct many of the testing exercises, and a series of robust statistical methods were used in the testing phase – including regression and factor analyses. The tests generated critical insight on how to reconfigure and strengthen the content of the applications. Eventually, each application was found to be highly reliable and valid. Nonetheless, the applications are reviewed periodically by highly trained professionals to ensure that they remain relevant and effective.