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Posthumous Guarantee

Summary The Posthumous Remuneration Guarantee is an assurance that the beneficiary or beneficiaries of a contractor will be paid the contractors entitled remunerations, for a total of 12 months after the death of the contractor.

Eligible Contractors All contractors are eligible for the posthumous guarantee: Referral Contractors Customer-Relationship Contractors, and Performance Improvement Contractors.

Eligible Transactions Any transaction that generates revenue may be applied to the posthumous remuneration benefits, including: a. Purchases of academic resources b. Purchases of consultation services c. Secondary-contractor Entitlements

Minimum Time Requirements There are no minimum time requirements that contractors are required to work, before death.

Remuneration Amount The remuneration amount is determined in accordance with the Compensation Schedule of the Organizational Clinic.

Administrative Fees The Organizational Clinic may deduct a fee from the posthumous remuneration benefits for the administrative cost of executing the guarantee.