Functionality Quotient (FQ)

The Functionality Quotient (FQ) is the single most relevant score of the results. The score is an overall reflection of the functionality of a target department, and is used to make diagnostic conclusions. It is determined by a combination of the Best Practices, Performance, Process Efficiency and Effective Capacity of a target department.

Functionality Quotient (FQ) Ranges Diagnostic Classifications Percent of Cases Percentile Classification
Percentile Classification High-Superior 0.1% 91st – 99th
356 - 425 Superior 2% 90th
216 – 285 Average 68% 50th
146 - 215 Low-Average 14% 25th
76 - 145 Dysfunctional 2% 10th
75 or Less Extremely Dysfunctional 0.1% 1st – 9th