The Organizational Clinic Support


My wife and I own a medium-sized hotel in southeast Florida. We bought the property many years ago, and made a decent profit every month for several years. However, things gradually took a turn for the worse and we eventually got into a situation where we were barely breaking even. We tried many different ideas unsuccessfully, and I was at my wits ends regarding how we could improve. So, I hired a business consultant to come in and tell us what we were doing wrong and how we could do better. During the 3 week consultation I found out that he was using the Organizational Diagnostic Scale. Although my staff and I had to sit with him for somewhat of a long exercise (about 5-6 hours), the end result was worth it. At the end of the consultation, we got an extensive report on our strengths and weaknesses, and we were presented with many practical solutions that turned things around for us. Today, we’re making a substantial monthly profit again, and things are looking bright. Kudos to David (my consultant) and to the Organizational Diagnostic Scale.

Tony, F.

I am an Assistant Professor, and I teach 3 classes in the Faculty of Business & Entrepreneurship. Last year a colleague recommended that I offer my students an opportunity to earn extra credit in one of my HR classes by using the ODS to conduct a performance assessment of an HR department. I took the advice, and the results were astonishing. The experience taught the students how to analyze an HR department effectively – using all the concepts that were taught during the semester. The students were excited about conducting the performance assessment throughout the entire process. They described the software as innovative, and most of them expressed plans to use it as a tool in their future career. I am now working with my fellow faculty members to incorporate an ODS assignment in the curriculum for all the classes that I teach. In the mean time, I intend to use it every semester with students that are interested in getting extra credit in my classes.

Carrie, A.

When a friend recommended the ODS I had no idea it would be so useful. As a business consultant for over 23 years I have been offered many software programs that were supposedly designed to make my life easier. I have tried many of them. I still use a couple of them today, but most of them are just a waste of time and money. However, since being introduced to the ODS I have been amazed by it. Yes – I was initially skeptical about its usefulness, as I was about all the other software programs that I have used, but I have found it to be practical and versatile. I have used it 5 times to assess different organizations, and it was effective in each case. It is on-point and it captures every factor that is relevant in a consultation, yet it’s not complicated or inundating. I think it is the most effective business consultation model I have encountered in my entire career.

Anderson, M.